O fundacji

For the past 12 years Film Spring Open has been focused on comprehensive education in the audiovisual arts, using cutting edge technology and future-oriented professionals to engage with young students, graduates, artists, producers, programmers and technicians involved in the audiovisual industry.

Sławomir Idziak

President of Foundation Film Spring Open

Cinematographer and director

Marta Mamoń

Coordinator of the New Production Model

Magda Goszczyńska

Promotion specialist

Jakub Marczyński

Promotion specialist

Katarzyna Średnicka

Technical Specialist

Katarzyna Żebrowska


Florent Pallares

Film Spring Open France

Anna Fam

Representation of Film Spring Open Foundation in Cannes 2017

Martn Demmer

Representation of Film Spring Open in Tallinn and Rotterdam